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Phoenix ,&nbsp; Nanjing, China (&nbsp;2013/ 5/ 20)    照片拍摄于 南  京

PhoenixNanjing, China ( 2013/ 5/ 20)


原创系列短片定格动画 ---《小狐狸》

This is a series of short stop-motion animation,

each of the episode is less than 1 minute. 

Videos were made during 2014-2015,

while studying in Maryland Institute College of Art in USA. 






The little fox was a gift from a sincere friend, and she is one of a kind.








Little Fox 1--- Take Me Home 第一集:《带我回家》

"The sword represents courage, and it will protect you for me. If you say 'Take Me Home' to it for 3 times, you will be brought home, wherever you are", she said. 

"如果你对这把剑说三声“带我回家”,  那么无论你在哪里,都会回家。"



Little Fox 2---Home Sweet Home 第二集:《家,甜蜜的家》

This time , I used my interior painting for the background, it was a copy of master piece.




Little Fox 3--- Good Night, little pal 第三集:《晚安, 小家伙》

Congratulations to my uncle and his whole family, for the birth of a new child ! Now I have two little cousin sisters.


2014/12, California, USA



Little Fox 4---What's in the socks 第四集:《袜子里到底有什么》

Merry Christmas to you all~ 



The fox also had been through a particular time of period with me.

To the bitter sweet chocolate,

To the ever-fading memory,

To the two young fool,


It was the very best of the time.

 Wish you were here.