Handcraft 手工艺品



A Little Ceremic Isle

Keep Calm And Be Your Isle



 叶 脉 书 签

Leaves Vein Bookmark


A Graveyard of Life and Death

这 生 与 死 的 墓 园

I found these leaves mostly in Green Mount Cemetery,  a historical cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland, US, where Johns Hopkins was buried.

( The other half of the leaves that I collected for this project, were found in the White House Garden during a tour in Washington.DC.)

For this project, we were asked to go to the a cemetery, spend a day there, then come back and do an art project based on that experience.

As for me, I brought back some dying leaves,

and made them into bookmark art so they can be preserved like this forever.

 Now they are not just dying leaves anymore.





Found a pair of leaves that look like wings.




A pirate treasure box, made through years of collections.