[ When Technology Encounters Art ] Exhibition 

南 外 首 届 “科 技 与 艺 术 融 合” 作 品 展

Nanjing  Foreign  Language  School's   First  Art  and  Science  Exhibition


海报 横.JPG

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Future in the Past

《 古 典 未 来》




I did this drawing in this school when I was studying here at age of 17.

For this exhibition, I decided to use new media to repurpose the old drawing, just like the theme of this exhibition--- When Technology Encounters Art.  

I used Photoshop to add the modern technology elements. It was a very interesting and enjoyable process.






 Ruolan Jin's Artwork

金 若 兰 参 展 作 品    


At the Exhibition  展 览 现 场

2017/06/19 --- 2017/06/30